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April 06, 2009


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Phillip Halse

When will commonsense prevail and people start to realise that by having open honest access to information and providing safe and secure ways for people with relevant information to make that information available that we will all be better off .
For the public good or not for public access is as good as saying WE have something to hide , we are being dishonest , we are corrupt , we are making $$$ , we dont want anyone to catch us out .
Provide a means for people to post relevent data for public safety and knowledge , provide access to the data for all and by doing this it will provde the trigger to develop the solutions needed to rectify issues .If we are allowed to hide our mistakes , our dishonesty or our crimes , nothing is ever going to be fixed until it is to late or to far gone to be fixed . Deal with it upfront and honestly and most things are fixed far more easily .

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