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October 30, 2010


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It sounds like from what you've said, Accountant, that DCAA is very messed up. Other agencies are having similar problems, much of which starts and stops in management. Spending money and making changes to audits, but not really doing a darn thing to change procedures followed by contractors, does not seem like the right solution. I am aware of too many instances where oversight employees are being beaten to within an inch of their lives, and in some cases suffering reprisal and retribution for trying to do their jobs, while contractors continue to err. We have a very corrupted system, particularly where government contracting and defense contracting are concerned. The answer is not continue to look the other way and let contractors do as they please, influence or bribe who they please, and abuse those who would hold them accountable. I appreciate your comments which attribute way too much influence to this little blog. The problems reported are real. Others are also reporting; more as time goes on as the problems are increasing exponentially. I can only hope someone with authority who gives a rip is reading and taking account of all of this. GFS


You are so wrong. The DCAA has gone on a witch hunt. Their reach has expanded beyond reason-ability and they have over reached their bounds. In the last year they have increased their audit bound to a point that it is costing the tax payer billions in an economy that can't afford it. They are spending billions to save thousands. That is not an exaggeration. It's all because of the GAO and people like you. Any real subvert costs are outside the reach of the DCAA and because of blogs like yours, the DCAA has gone beyond their bounds to hire far too many people to go on a witch hunt that produce a loss in taxpayer dollars. Where it used to cost $100,000 for an audit, it now costs a million with no change to procedures by contractors. If you complain enough, maybe it will cost a trillion for every $1000 of spending on covert programs. Great job.

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