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I believe like Winston Churchill that one should never, ever give up; that it is possible to make a difference, one person at a time.


G.Florence Scott (GFS) is a whistleblower supporter. The past couple of decades have proven to be very damaging to government employees and often to industry employees as well. Increasing corruption, greed, revolving door activities, fraud, and other crimes have taken a toll on the integrity and functioning of our government and oversight of industry.

GFS hopes insure whistleblowers have a voice and facilitate the sharing of information, which will support whistleblowers and the people who support them in their important and sometimes “choiceless” mission in behalf of truth and justice. She also hopes to increase the number of people who understand that these courageous people are truly the heroes of our time.

Whistleblowers and those who support them are welcome here to share their ideas, concerns, situations and frustrations. I ask that comments left be thoughtful and sincere. Comments left with no content of merit that appear to be just an effort to leave a link to a business or profit making operation will be deleted and reported as Spam.

Thank you.

Unless you give me specific permission to share your name, I will protect your privacy. The same goes with specifics of your stories should you decide to email me via this blog. Remember comments are posted automatically by the system, so if you wish to get information to me privately, send it as an email directly to me. I do understand how much pressure many of you are under in your workplaces and that many of you do not feel safe and will support your efforts to share information or get support in any way that I can. GFS