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July 24, 2010


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Thank you L. Bravo on your spirited comment. You are above average for sure. Please continue to communicate on issues you care about. I'd like to know what agency you are referring to. I do not currently work for the government, but started my blogs due to things I saw happening in general and to people I knew and/or read about. I'd like to take a look at that complaint page. If you'd like to submit any information or articles for publication, I only ask they are accurate and honest. I want to be able to stand up for what goes on my blogs.

I work in a field where people are very much like I described. I am sorry to say there are a lot of people who are naive and do not seem to be able to see what is going on politically and in the heavy game playing that goes on in our work places, including government. Some of these people who claim not to be political, refuse to talk about anything meaningful while at the work place, and yet are very much game players socially. In public they run from what they perceive to be political conflict, but relish in gossip and rumor in private. It seems to me that it is very difficult to get a great many of our citizens to pay attention to what is meaningful and to take any real action.

As an example of what we're up against. I know someone who lives in an upper middle class neighborhood in the outskirts of Seattle, in suburbs which border rural areas where things are all very nicely planned and aesthetically beautiful. There are many socially inspired residents that have formed groups or clubs on books, reading and "discussions," gardening, quilting,card games, and cooking (Most of the residents are senior citizens or soon to be retired.) The majority paid a premium to live in such a community. In those phone books that used by marketers and charity groups for calling, there are many dollar signs next to these people's addresses.

When their property values and living environment were recently threatened, by more dense and less well developed properties on small crowded lots, (typical of what we are seeing developed now and frankly where most of us can afford to live), on the planning board for tracts in their large development (which originally included larger lots surrounded by green belts and natural areas), their idea of action was to go to one Home Owner's Association Meeting, yell and shout and carry on, harumpf, and then go home and go back to their passive lives. They thought you only had to let it out once, say your piece, and then that was it. You won or lost, but that was all you could or would do. They will continue to complain to each other and some will move on to greener pastures if it continues to bother them.

Needless to say, the developers got their way, and now they all have to live with the changes that are having a negative affect of them. A lot of people simply will not stand up, and if they do, do it as an exercise in catharsis, not in any kind of strategic and effective manner.

I have a friend who has been very active in a union her whole career. She tells me that most people look for someone else to tell their problems or their concerns to, hoping to get someone else to take responsibility to do everything to solve it for them, so they don't have to put their own necks out at all. I told her that makes being a union representative most difficult indeed. And I mean it. Too bad when someone is trying to fulfil a role to help, and finds as as they step forward with the standard waving in the breeze to represent the complainers, they glance backward and see no one behind them. They only hear about it when people complain it wasn't resolved or it wasn't resolved "right."

I hope that more and more people will see that it takes thoughtful action and commitment from many more of us to solve the problems we are up against. A little communication and strategic organizing would help as well.

Thanks again for commenting. You are welcome here any time. Please let me know if you would like something put on my blogs, if that would help your cause or issue or the people who are standing up to the wrongdoing.



Lisa LeBlanc

There are those of us Average types who are well aware of the ethical bankruptcy & corruption permeating our agencies. It's been brought to our attention most recently that the head of a large department may be refusing any Public comments that disparage his beliefs & agenda, Negative Public commentary encounters a disabled 'submit' button on the web site, faxes submitted may be mysteriously shredded or destroyed and it's entirely within the realm of possibility that even paper mail is summarily 'round filed'.
Simply because members of the Taxpaying Public vehemently disagree with policies so radical, they could be construed as 'historic' or a 'legacy'.
We watch; we listen; we do our very best in our capacity as Average (but most assuredly NOT naive) to excercise our freedoms & responsibilities. It's easy to feel hopeless, but I'd rather not. I believe ethics & honesty shouldn't be considered character flaws. And I would rather believe that those who are ethical & honest are the rule rather than the exception. But I'm aware this isn't the case.
We ARE watching. And while it may not be substantive or well-publicized, you have our support.


A reader sent in this comment today on one of my other blogs in response to the Scott Bloch article. I post it here with my response. GFS

I have a great deal of sympathy for you. I am at the wrong end of an SEC blood bath which is now seven years old. While it's is a civil matter and not the torture you're going through, it has certainly shortened my life (I'm 77 years). I have a strong sense of why you're so angry. You appear to have every right to be so. So do I. I truly wish you nachas (I too am an MOT) and a long life. John L. Milling

Hi, John. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You are welcome here any time. I posted the article sent by a reader and that reader's comment about the article. I am sure that s/he will read your comment as well. I have a lot of people who read this blog. Few leave comments; many are lurkers out of fear and need for anonimity. But they do read, and information gets shared with those who need to hear it.

I began this blog because of people I knew who worked for government or industry that were struggling horrifically against attacks made against them for trying to do the right thing - ethically do the jobs they were hired to do. In some cases, the employees had to take oaths upon getting the job. They are remaining true to their word given in that oath to be loyal and true to our country and its citizens and to ethically and lawfully do their jobs. I wanted to try to give them support in a world where there appeared to be little and I wanted to help them prevail if at all possible.

I had to pause and think about your comments about anger. I will respond to you from my perspective. You are correct in that I have developed a certain level of frustration and disgust for what is going on in some parts of our government and in industry. In some cases it is indeed anger. There are an unbelievable number of people who, like you, have been trying to get justice for nearly a decade. We've been going though a dark ages of sorts in society and our work world. We could analyze this for cause (political, social, greed) but I will not go there right now.

I am aware of numerous cases like yours that have gone on and on year after year, with some of the powers that be continuing to try to stop them each step of the way. And I am aware of some employees who continue to suffer escalating retribution while it appears their complaints, reports and cases uncovering malfeasance, fraud, and other crimes have been put in to a bin in a storage room somewhere, so they will never be fully investigated, resolved or frankly even ever see the light of day. I guess the corrupted ones have too much power and may even be covering up for someone higher up. And that to me and a great many other U.S. Citizens, is unacceptible.

I have met too many people who have countless examples of totally corrupt and unethical actions that have been taken by managers (and in more rare cases co-workers). These people have amazing stories which to someone not familiar with the current climate of corruption and ugliness in government and in business, particularly where defense contracting is concerned, are hard to imagine or believe.

People who find themselves whistleblowers, or treated like whistleblowers by their management because they have tried to do the jobs they took an oath to ethically and honestly do, and have exposed wrongdoing are growing in number. They are extremely frustrated, as the level of wrongdoing and the great lengths that the wrongdoers will go to try to silence and/or decimate the honest employees is quite incredible.

Many of these beleaguered employees find it difficult to explain to average (read that naive) citizens what they've been going through and why without sounding paranoid. Also there is an attitude of many people that one should just keep one's head down and not stand up, no matter what evil is enacted, or how bad managers might try to compromise an honest employee. "Don't rock the boat." "Why do you always have to try to do something about things?" "Just shut up like they want you to and keep collecting that paycheck." This situation has contributed to a number of marriages failing after a whistleblower's spouse just cannot understand why the targeted employee has to stand up to the wrongdoers and their wrongdoing.

What is the most aggravating aspect of all this is that it does not have to be this way. Corruption and wrong-doing like other things, are choices. They are not mandatory. It comes down to the content of someone's character and what they personally choose to do. How they see the world should be and should function. People who stand up to that which is corrupt and criminal should be our most honored heroes. People who don't have failed the test and should not be protected by the system from the due process they deserve and justice for those who have been harmed. And they should not be able to have their network of cronies of like mind subvert the justice system in hopes of making the problem go away, leaving the innocent holding the bag and suffering through retribution, destruction of career and personal life, and in some cases worse.

I hear your observation that all of your experiences and their associated stress have shortened your life. I believe that there are many other decent people who share that experience and feeling. If you wish to share more of your story here, I would be very pleased to publish it for you. I return your wish for a long life and add a well deserved helpful resolution to your civil matter, so that life will be more pleasant and rewarding.


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