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September 11, 2010


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I have checked with some sources to see what kind of waste this involves. When employees are sent "TDY" or to locations to work remote from their "assigned duty station" or home office, there are quite a few expenses that are incurred by DSS for making these assignments.

Expenses include, airfare and/or rental car and related expenses, per diem expenses for meals etcetera, and hotel room costs. All of this can really add up. An estimate would be for a five day, one week remote assignment: $2500 - $3000 per employee for every week sent out on "TDY." These are expenses in addition to their salary and benefits they already must be paid as compensation for the doing their jobs. Some employees have literally been sent out week after week for months. It adds up quickly.

It is understandable that when employees need to travel to do their own assigned work as a matter of course these things are necessary, but to fabricate reasons to send people off on travel for no apparent reason than to separate them from their collegues, or apply inconveniences in retribution for some contrived reason or another, or just generally to create chaos in the local office and within the employee ranks is just plain crazy.

This is a case of activities which appear to neatly fit into the "fraud, waste, and abuse" catagory that the reporting of would fit a whistleblower complaint. If the new whistleblower protection laws would be finally passed, maybe there would be enough protection for federal employees, that official complaints would be filed by more people and this type of mismanagement would be stopped.


If managers in charge of DSS had any integrity, these actions against employees would not be taking place. There are laws against such treatment of employees. It is time to clean out corrupted and/or incompetent managers and start over. GFS

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