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September 03, 2010


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Mr. Greenhalgh,

I have posted your comments and a link to your site. There has been quite a bit of censorship of scientific research in a number of areas this past decade at least. Thank you for writing in. I hope this will help.

Edward A.Greenhalgh

I would like help in my fight exposing government corruption.You must read www.cancerfraudbadbiotech.com the 2011 updates and the material being sent to President Obama . From the index choose C Main Letter :Corruption . read the whole letter as you will be upset what has been blocked , but more importantly the dangers being with held from the public. Noam Chomsky has said my theories could be of phenomenal importance to mankind's survival. Former US Surgeon General Dr.Jocelyn Elders has regretted my treatment.Plus others you can see on the website. Long story short, this website exposes powerful business interests which have bought off American government official in order to cover up felony fraud. Corruption on this magnitude can not be over come unless it is exposed to the public. You can help by asking people to read the material : that is the least you can do. The result is you may help many peoples lives. Thank you.Edward A.Greeenhalgh


I posted this article from POGO with a heavy heart. I met Beth Daley quite a few years ago via email when I first began this odyssey in effort to help whistleblowers and push for clean up of government and industry corruption. Beth was an inspiration for me. She alway had a cheerful greeting to offer whenever I contacted her, and offered encouragement and information. I will miss her as will whistleblowers and all of those who support them. I am even more motivated to continue this work in her memory. GFS

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