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September 15, 2011


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What I've gone through with my family member over the past decade is a nightmare I could not have conceived in my wildest imagination earlier in my life. He is still fighting his way through the screwed up system and trying to do a technically difficult job with continued interference from corrupted managers at the same time.

His employer still refuses to acknowledge the completed DOD OIG Title Five report upholding his complaints that he has suffered intense, continuing and in fact escalating retribution and reprisal from his agency management (DSS) and that they must make him whole after pretty much destroying his career. His crime? Conducting an investigation that documented extreme corruption within a large aerospace company defense contractor and subsequently within his agency bosses.

And he refused to commit fraud as directed by his bosses when they ordered him to change his report and remove all of the accurate data that would make it possible to prosecute the corporation and government who were committing crimes. The corrupt bosses ended up falsifying the report themselves rather than let the truth be known. And they began targeting my family member in retribution.

More corruption apparently connected to this throughout many more agencies and up into the Pentagon has been uncovered, as this thing has progressed. He and his coworker in this matter have even received death threats and a string of incriminated wrongdoers have been allowed to retire and move to contractor jobs (via revolving door as you’ve written about in the past) and escape prosecution.

I have kept my mouth shut about this until now. No more. I thank you for posting about this on your blog. I want to see these creeps brought to justice.

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